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Our experts have been actively involved in corporate law practice for more than 15 years.

When it comes to Corporate Law, our Law Firm has always combined flexible business attitude and strict fidelity to professional principles, which invariably results in optimal solutions to both current and strategic business issues.

The corporate law reform and its general development by legislative and judicial branches come with a significant increase in complexity and scale of the tasks our Clients entrust us with: while ten years ago transaction support and consultations on current matters were prevalent, currently our Clients mostly request us to develop or optimize their whole system of corporate governance, including detailed advice on the web of relations of their shareholders among themselves and with management, on internal corporate decision-making, obligation fulfillment and responsibility assignment process’, as well as on cooperation with state regulatory authorities.

Using juristic techniques our specialists are able to not only diagnose, assess and then minimize all the local risks of conducting business or holding major assets but also to prepare and execute a project of efficient changes to the corporate structure for a group of companies as a whole.