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Dispute resolution practice has traditionally been and remains one of our core strengths.
In the course of years our lawyers have conducted several thousand cases before general jurisdiction and commercial courts of all judicial instances, including the Supreme Court, the Supreme Commercial Court and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.
We investigate each case as our only one since for our Law Firm there is no labeling cases as “easy” or “difficult”: any seemingly easy case can spring an unpleasant surprise.
We have developed and tested our own methodological recommendations on case investigation and legal proceedings support which we employ extensively.
In certain instances for case investigation we form a team of experts in procedural law and all respective fields of law who then “brain storm” the case or hold a number of “mock trials”.
Our Lawyers:
take part in dispute resolution negotiations and conciliation
Appear before general jurisdiction, commercial and arbitration courts
Prepare cases for international ad hoc and permanent courts of arbitration and appear before them, prepare relevant expert report; prepare cases and appear in court proceeding on enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and court rulings in Russian Federation and on enforcement of Russian arbitral awards and court rulings abroad.
Our lawyers’ field of competence includes:

  • Pre-contractual and contractual legal disputes, disputes over void/not concluded contracts;
  • Disputes over declaration of a right;
  • Disputes over challenging the actions (decisions) of a corporate body;
  • Protection of business reputation disputes;
  • Regulatory and non-regulatory acts challenges;
  • Protection of consumer rights;
  • Financial and tax disputes;
  • Commercial and private real estate disputes, including lease and sale of commercial real estate;
  • Car insurance disputes, including insurer-insured disputes and disputes between insurers over subrogation issues;
  • Medical malpractice claims;
  • Money (debt) recovery, including prospects assessment and collection strategy design;

Any other cases which fit our Law Firm’s profile (housing, inheritance, matrimonial disputes, and many other fields).