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One of the key lines of our Law Firm’s practice is legal support of real estate operations. Our lawyers have been providing development, investment and construction companies with complex legal support for years. Another essential part of our practice is providing individuals with legal services in the spheres of real estate titles and transactions.

Land, single- and multifamily housing, non-residential premises, buildings and structures – all these real estate units are in constant business circulation. All and every legal action with real estate, including selling, buying, renting of real estate, and establishing a trust, needs suitable legal support.

Real estate trade is a complex chain of interrelated sequential actions, involving the drafting and execution of all the documents, which directly determine the future of a project and rights of the owner.

As part of providing legal support, out lawyers carry out legal analysis of transactions, produce the documents our client needs, explain the complexities of applicable legislation, and assist in reaching a consensus on controversial issues.

Both construction investment and the construction process itself require the participation of legal professionals on all stages, rather than only during the execution of contracts, including the full legal support of every party to the process (investors, developers, contractors and subcontractors etc.).

Our system of comprehensive legal support includes building and maintaining business legal defense mechanisms, formulation of client-specific contractual framework, legal assistance in Arbitrazh (commercial) courts and courts of general jurisdiction.

We provide our clients, both new and long-term, with comprehensive legal advice on all legal matters concerning real estate.

Court representation, including pretrial stages, and legal defense of individuals and organizations in the fields of construction and real estate trade remain a substantial part of our legal practice. Our lawyers litigate cases involving declaration of title to residential property, which are now much in demand.